Organic Oats: An Oxymoron

Because of this and an almost doubling of price for organic oats, our oats are not certified organic.

Again, oats are a "low input" crop. They grow readily. Insects don't usually target them. Farmers don't make much money per acre of oats. Because of this, The Financials of Oats don't allow for much investment in "protecting" the crop... theres no bang for the buck. Produce and other high value crops are much more vulnerable because they justify the investment in "protection". This is where you should make your investment.

Glyphosate and our Oats:

Recent studies have shown the presence of glyphosate in Quaker's and many other producers' oats. 

Glyphosate is a weed killer also sometimes used in the late stages of the oat crop to begin drying the groat to prepare for harvest.

Our supplier, Grain Millers, has a longstanding ban on any oats treated with glyphosate. Learn More